Corn & Callus Treatment in Guelph & Milton

Treatment for Corns

Chiropodist and Foot Specialist Trina Scarrow, BSc, DCh, has been treating corns for over 20 years. Corns are a local hardening and thickening of the skin that cause a yellowish kernel-sized, painful bump. 

  • Do you feel like you’re walking on a rock?
  • Do you feel like something is stuck in your foot but you can’t get it out?
  • Does it hurt to put pressure on the spot?

These yellowish kernel-sized corns can make being on your feet a very painful experience, and are caused by friction and pressure.

There are several different types of corns. Long standing corns can sometimes have blood vessels and nerves within them. A common cause of corns is when the skin is wedged between a shoe and a bone on the foot.

Often corns are on or between your toes, but you can get corns anywhere on your feet.They’re basically miniature calluses and have to be treated the same way. Wider shoes or scraping with a pumice stone may do the trick. But sometimes they’re just too painful to put any pressure on them.

Corns on Feet Treatment

Often corns become too painful and require treatment from a foot specialist. Treatment includes physically removing the corns and any callus surrounding the area.

We use our special tools to gently and effectively remove the corn. Most often, when the corn is removed, the pain will be eliminated. 

We also assess the specific reason causing the corn to form. If the problem is footwear, we will recommend changing to a more appropriate shoe. If the corns are formed due to an underlying biomechanical imbalance, a custom orthotic may be recommended in order to re-distribute the weight to appropriate joints when you walk.

Callus Treatment

Calluses are naturally created protection for the ball of the foot and heels and result in a build-up of dead skin on the bottom of your foot.

The additional layers of thick, dead skin help protect areas from repetitive friction but they can also be a sign that something needs to be changed. Occasionally calluses can become painful and require treatment.

Sometimes patients try to treat their own calluses but fear how much skin to take off. As a Chiropodist and Foot Specialist, we will use special tools to safely remove the build-up of skin, and make your feet look better again.

We will assess you to see what may be causing the callus and may recommend different shoes. We may also recommend custom orthotics if the cause is more complicated, such as uneven weight distribution and biomechanical instability when you walk.

Callus Treatment

Trina Scarrow, BSc, DCh, is a Registered Chiropodist and Foot Specialist who has been helping patients for over 20 years.

Chiropodists and Podiatrists are the only regulated health professionals who specialize in treating conditions of the foot. In Ontario, there are 600 Registered Chiropodists and only 60 Podiatrists.

Chiropodists today must complete 7 years of post-secondary education before they get their professional designation. Chiropodists do complete case management of foot problems, including assessment, treatment and ongoing care.

Chiropodist Podiatry Foot Specialist Trina Scarrow Treating Feet

Chiropodist Trina Scarrow, BSc, DCh 
*Picture taken before COVID-19, now full safety protocols in place including air filtration systems

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